1 – 3 DAYS

4 – 7 DAYS

Small Dumpster 12YD

$320 *

$350 *

Small Dumpster 15YD

$360 *

$390 *

Small Dumpster 20YD

$400 *

$440 *

* Tax, delivery, disposal included in price. Additional fees may apply.


Small Dumpster 12YD

1 – 3 DAYS | $320 *

4 – 7  DAYS | $350 *

Small Dumpster 15YD

1 – 3 DAYS | $360 *

4 – 7 DAYS | $390 *

Small Dumpster 20YD

1 – 3 DAYS | $400*

4 – 7 DAYS | $440 *

* Tax, delivery, disposal included in price. Additional fees may apply.


All prices are estimated based on customer compliance with maximum allowed debris being placed inside the dumpster per the weight and height guidelines shown per dumpster size. Please review the FAQ page to fully understand what materials are lawfully allowed to be placed in dumpster.

All customers automatically acknowledge acceptance of terms when a credit / debit card are placed on file with Suburban LLC for rental of any dumpster. 

Fees may be added for:

  • Delay in committed delivery date and time, or pickup date and time.
  • Debris exceeds allowed weight or height restrictions and requires Suburban LLC to remove/reduce to comply with legal transport guidelines.
  • Additional days rental beyond initial commitment.
  • Removal of suspected or known hazardous materials from dumpster.
  • Cancelation after dumpster has been reserved.
  • Damage to dumpster during rental usage.

All rentals must be secured with a bank issued credit or debit card from Visa, Mastercard, Discovery or American Express. Customer may elect to pay with cash or check upon completion of rental, but a credit card must still be held on file to offset potential additional fees after pick up of dumpster and offloading of debris.


$15 per extra day rental required if advised at least 24 hours prior to scheduled pickup.

$125 fee if delivery or pick up is canceled or delayed per the scheduled times and dates.

$90 (prorated) per ton overage than stated capacity per dumpster size.